Highway 61 is more than a mere blog, and there are ways to interact and discover Saint Louis using tools you might already have made part of your internet routine.  Here’s some more ways to connect to Highway 61 (revised):

  • RSS Feed.  You use a reader, it tells gives you only our updates (along with whatever else you read)
  • See what’s Upcoming.  You don’t need to rely on our reporting, but we’ll give you a heads up on events.  Better yet, try including our Google Calendar, which uses the same events in a way that you can add to to your own calendar.
  • Tune in to .  You can hear what other readers are listening to, or just talk about local music.
  • Share your perspective on Flickr.  Pretty things…to look at!  You probably already use it anyway.
  • Reading and attractions are .  It’s our little way to refer some good reading and spread link love.
  • Revisit Saint Louis from the Outside-in.  A new way to find things in your neighborhood.
  • Do you do facebook icon?  So do we (poke).
  • Get plugged into The Circuit.  Hey, it’s not like we have a monopoly on promoting your happenings.
  • and of course, hwy61revised at gmail dot com

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