Graduation Season

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An ice cream sundae from cicero's in webster groves, missouriLike it or not it’s that time of year again, signifying the usual change in atmospheric conditions at this confluence of rivers:

  •  The daily parade of hot rods, rat rods, and show cars down highway 61 (ie S Lindbergh) in south county
  • An uptick in sales for Ted Drews, Silky Freeze, (insert favorite frozen custard house here)
  • A corresponding increase in sobriety checkpoints on holiday weekends also meant to capture underage drinkers alongside the usual suspects
  • Terminal outages at the bridal registry machines due to overages of applications to process (see also: “baby making madness”)
  • The marked drought of availble non-skilled service-sector labor pools, occupied by the young faces of young’uns and int’erns.  (add to that newly graduating professionals seeking to join the work force for the first time)

That last chnage in employment should be something with which almost everyone in St. Louis can relate.  With the exception of midwest refugees, St. Louis remains very much like the small towns so many of it’s neighbors immigrate from, what with nearly half our population only 2-3 generations removed from the farm.  In fact, considering the liberation of students from their schooling days used to be for time spent farming the land, we wouldn’t be suprised if any of those jobs included picking strawberies by the bucket full or milking cows every morning.  Then again, somebody needs to be lifeguard at a park pool if/when those kids get a day off.

Instead we expect to see waves of field trips or other summer outing up to Eckerd’s to pick berries (for a price of course) and over to Purina Farms to learn about how cows are milked.  For this writer at least, those summer outings are just as much a mainstay of the summer as the activities they recreate were for St Louis citizens just a generation ago (or maybe just my mom).

Do you have any stories of summer jobs in this most rural of urban centers?  Feel free to share in the comments.



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