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June 1, 2007 at 5:01 pm | Posted in Events, Lauren Reid, mixtape, summer | 8 Comments

To prepare for this year’s RFT Music Showcase taking place at various locations in the Loop, I’ve gone through their grandoise list of scheduled bands to compile a mixtape of the most promising sounds. Keep in mind these are only my personal favorites of what I was able to hear. It’s mainly indie pop/rock with a few surprises thrown in. All tracks can be found as free samples online, ususally on myspace pages but on occasion discovered after a little hunting on a band’s or label’s webpage.

A setlist, times, and stage locations can be found here: RFT Music Showcase 2007 Myspace Page

More on the showcase later, and onto the track listing!

RFT Music Showcase 2007: Rockin’ Full Tape
1. Your Days and Our Nights – Gentleman Auction House
2. Three Little Birds – Johnny-O & The Jerks
3. Devil’s Dog – Walkie Talkie U.S.A.
4. He’s A Cop Now – Jumbling Towers
5. Newlywed Deception – Team Tomato
6. Progress – So Many Dynamos
7. The Beat – Target Market
8. Out of Control – Say Panther
9. Mean Mean Miss Guillotine – Johnny-O & The Jerks
10. Oh, Sweet Beacon – Casey Reid
11. Search Party – So Many Dynamos
12. American Shogun – Spark Thugs
13. If It’s So Hard – Say Panther
14. Me & My Vampire Friends – Bunnygrunt
15. Summer Moon – Magnolia Summer
16. Worn Out Engine – Tom Hall
17. Misalliances – Berlin Whale
18. Of Cycles and Engines – Finn’s Motel
19. Commitment – Walkie Talkie U.S.A.
20. Halloween Song – Say Panther
21. M. And O. Blues – Tom Hall
22. In Saint Lou – 7 Shot Screamers



  1. neat! i feel like i don’t even have to go there, cept now you got me interested. too bad streaming music = trouble merging into a mix cd…you know, unless i record it to tape (lol)

  2. […] while we still fully expect you to be in the huddled masses along with us this Sunday in the U City Loop, if Webster or Big Bend happen to be on your way there this weekend […]

  3. None of the links are streaming only, all should be available to download!

  4. Guess What? American Shogun by Spark Thugs is about the Late Great bike builder, Indian Larry. Just sayin’…

  5. do you mean this indian larry by chance?

  6. Yes, he would be the one; R.I.P.

  7. […] in the U City Loop, here is your chance to see how it turned out (you know, because you’ve already heard them).  If you’d like to get a closer look or want to save a copy of your favorite Beatle Bob […]

  8. […] mixtape for you, our loyal readers, to start the season in style.  You seem to have liked our local mixtape pretty well, but this mix should satisfy those looking for more seasonal pallate of sounds to bask […]

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