Chalk at the Tivoli

June 3, 2007 at 2:41 pm | Posted in Gabe Bullard, Movies | 3 Comments

A friend of mine is wrapping up her first year teaching Spanish in an inner-city school. She’s the one who told met about Chalk, a movie about first, second and third year teachers in a Texas public high school. Never one to disobey an educator, I made haste to see Chalk on opening night (last Friday, June 1st) at the Tivoli.

Fans of The Office (UK or US) might be drawn in or turned off by Chalk’s documentary style, but this is no imitator. Shot in the summer of 2004 (before Gervais and co. became a hit stateside) Chalk stays footed in reality, with only one dream sequence breaking the fly-on-the-wall style.

Co-writer, former teacher and star Chris Mass used his own class as extras, who pull off some of the most believable child acting I’ve ever seen. The semi-improvised dialogue between teachers makes for believable acting and clever, awkward humor.

The movie has its flaws, but it’s a must-see. In fact, go out and see it now. According to the executive producer who was on hand for a Q&A last Friday, the movie needs large audiences to continue screening at the Tivoli.



  1. i’m confused. i thought that landmark theaters moved films around as a chain, not by local outlets.

    that being said, i plan on checking it out based on your recomendation

  2. Apparently if they don’t sell enough tickets to certain movies, they won’t keep showing them.

  3. […] might seem like overkill to introduce a weekly feature.  Yet we couldn’t help but think we somehow contributed to the continuation of “Chalk” being screened at the Tivoli this […]

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