Beatle Bob hunting w/Johnny-O & the Jerks

June 6, 2007 at 1:36 am | Posted in Matthew Hurst, Review | Comments Off on Beatle Bob hunting w/Johnny-O & the Jerks

It’s official: as of this last Sunday’s RFT music showcase, Johnny-O & the Jerks received the vote of approval from Beatle Bob.  We all know how seriously Beatle Bob must take his music show attendance schedule in order to make his way to every show that yields merit (or just hasn’t had the venue banish him).  That being said, this past Sunday’s event was the perfect gauge of his vote between multiple acts and venues within a short distance, and as far as the RFT ballot would be concerned his vote is in. 

Just take a look for yourself, as he stands in the front row dancing in the radiant bliss of rockabilly performed in its utmost heights.  Johnny-O & the Jerks performed on what might otherwise have been called the Big Muddy stage that afternoon when it was not serving as site to Sunday’s drum circle in the U City loop.  For one glorious hour, this band delivered an effortless set of standards and originals that have had the city’s basement party set abuzz for the better part of the last two years.  And yet out here in the sun could be seen couples, punk kids, Beatle Bob (of course), and even a couple children dancing in front of legions of devotees continually inspired by the perfection of “Plastic Jesus”.  And while many have heard them before, it could be said at least from this reviewer’s perspective that every performance sees this band grow more precise and ephemeral to their soulful sound.   In the delivery of their characteristic blend of electric post-blues psycho-rockabilly hyphenated-bliss rock,  this show reminded us what helped St. Louis become seduced by the band and their original sounds by providing an even more distilled essence of what Johnny-O & the Jerks can brew.


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