Ware’s the Originality?

June 6, 2007 at 12:42 pm | Posted in comics, Gabe Bullard | 3 Comments

This isn’t really a St. Louis story, but there are a lot of BPs around here, and there are a lot of comics readers, too.

This morning, I turned on the TV and saw this ad for BP:

Cute? Yes. But it looked familiar.

Now, these two animations came out about the same time, but Chris Ware has been drawing wildly popular indie comics (comix) for years. I’m upset at how similar BP’s ad is to Ware’s work, but then again, he’s no stranger to plagiarism.



  1. you know, I couldn’t put my finger on what made that ad so familiar when i saw it (to be fair I was in the swoon of it’s lsd-trip/teletubby-esque aesthetics). thanks for reminding about Ware just the same.
    Is that other video from Showtime’s version of “This American Life”? I could swear I hear Ira Glass’ voice, but is he talking with Ware by chance, or is his style being copied yet again
    PS – hope you don’t mind the front page edit. have you tried using the split link before? (just trying to get every article viewable for the 800×640 crowd)

  2. No problem. I completely forgot to split it. Thanks, though.

    Also, that was from the TAL show. I was surprised to see it because Ware is pretty anti-technology. He only uses computers to color his work.

  3. does that make him the anti-anti Ted Turner of computing/colorization? i swear if i see one more insect/rodent/penguin+gimmick +computer graphics preview…
    nm. you know, all this talk of bp amoco signs and funny style gave me an idea

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