Film Student Fridays: post-blockbuster edition

June 8, 2007 at 2:05 am | Posted in Film Student Fridays, Matthew Hurst, Movies | 2 Comments

Considering the recent dearth of blog entries this week about films in town, it might seem like overkill to introduce a weekly feature.  Yet we couldn’t help but think we somehow contributed to the continuation of “Chalk” being screened at the Tivoli this weekend. 

Far be it for me to be judge of good or bad cinema (the internet has enough of those sots), I’d like to think my undergraduate’s degree in Film Studies might steer your attention to the kind of films that might impress your date with your sophistication (or sense of irony).  So if you’ll go along with my ruse, I’d be happy to refer you (thumbs free) to a few films playing in town this weekend that you might find a little out of the ordinary this blockbuster film season.

Frontyard Features STL (40 films/40 nights)

  • Rocky Horror Picture Show” @ Union Station (starts at dusk, so around 8:30 – ish) Friday, June 8th.
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s” @ Tower Grove Park, Whitaker Pool Pavilion (see above)  Saturday, June 9th
  • Advantages – perfect for a date, by taking though each charming neighborhood for dinner first, then show them your feminine side ;) . Especially recomended for those who can’t wait until October 26th

    Webster Film Series

  • El Topo (The Mole)
    @ 8 pm (in the Winifred Moore Auditorium) Friday, Saturday, and Sunday June 8th-10th.
  • Advantages – impress your date with a foreign film (subtitles are a must) like you were John Lennon and Yoko Ono (it’s said to be their favorite film).  Especially of interest to those who liked “Grindhouse” and other midnight films that mix up action, plotlines, characters, etc.  This is from the director who almost filmed “Dune” staring Orson Wells & Salvador Dali and with a score written by Pink Floyd – in other words, this film is a highly recommended precursor…

    Commercial cinema

  • Hot Fuzz @ the Kenrick 8 Cine (check listings for showtimes)
  • Advantages: This film may only have a single screen left in town, but this underappreciated homage to the cop film may actually help you prove your funny bone to your date. Made from the same outfit that brought us “Shawn of the Dead”, this meticulous work of parody should catch you actually being entertained whilst laughing at the satire. Plus, everyone knows British comedy is for smart folk, right? right…

    Well, I hope that help your decision process this weekend. And while this seems to be a particularly active weekend in terms of events, we hope you’ll consider a few good flicks if it all ends up as just another rainy day. Until next week, you can let me know what a snob I am in the comments :P



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