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June 10, 2007 at 3:15 am | Posted in Coffee links, Etcetra | 1 Comment

Because blogging is the new sleeping in, here’s some of our favorite articles and linkage loving.  And because I have the suspicion that about half this post’s readers will wake up for the Sunday morning civics programs, we feel it is our duty to keep you better informed. 

For those who prefer to spend their sundays lazily, here some cupcakes we’re crazy about possibly cooked by your 2nd cousins.  See you with further links and a more elegant list with your coffee next Sunday.


1 Comment

  1. I will make the post-staying @ my family’s house edit someitme later today. guess that makes me part of the lazy sunday crowd I charecterized earlier. if only this family understood the use of a high speed interwebnet connection, and if only not for my locality. so here’s me saying goodbye to saturday nights and hello to sunday morning folk.

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