Up Next: Journey, Live from Office Depot

June 11, 2007 at 3:18 pm | Posted in Events, Gabe Bullard, music | 1 Comment

 A few months ago, a friend told me that she saw REO Speedwagon playing inside of a Wal-Mart outside of St. Louis (in Fenton, I believe). The stop was part of the Illinois band’s tour to promote their latest album.

Today, that same friend told me that Fergie is performing today in a Kirkwood Verizon Wireless store. Presumably, this is to promote her concert tonight at the Pageant.

I suppose that struggling pop acts now look to retail chains and mobile content-delivery corporations for support, but it seems like these sponsorships are starting to lead to anyplace with a sales floor becoming home to in-store performances.

Although it’s not as glamorous as a discount conglomerate or a cell-phone store, I’ll take my (hopefully) cramped, intimate performances in between racks of used vinyl and cds for now. Unless I suddenly find myself broke, out of toothpaste and longing to hear “Keep on Loving You.” 


1 Comment

  1. LOL. tonight i was hanging out, and someone;s father asked about fergie playing at the tivoli (we were talking about the blog, and post subjecte ie concerts). me and (name excluded for embarasment) had to keep from laughing out loud. you know, because we’re snobs. that is, snobs who are just clamoring to sell out to the nearest advertiser **flutters eyes**

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