Out of Print, but still online?

June 12, 2007 at 3:55 pm | Posted in blogs, Matthew Hurst, stl | 3 Comments

Word is starting to come out that this next month’s Arch City Chronicle will be its last in print.  This might seem a little inside baseball to talk about, since even Dave Drebes links to a KWMU report on the website.  For now though, it looks like the the ACC will be an online-only publication for our St Louis political junkie fixes.

What I can’t help but think about is how the ACC’s own website treats the news:  In a short update on the Other Sources page of the site, Dave links to the KWMU story with the headline “Local Paper Will End”.  Pretty strange to leave such a big announcement with such little fanfare… Perhaps this is a testament of how quickly things are changing in online journalism, in that visitors to the website need not notice this transition.

UPDATE (after the bump below)

Regular readers of the short circulating paper probably saw this coming, but I must admit I didn’t whilst interviewing Dave Drebes about his transition online.  Since our conversation was off the record I’ll have to keep those insights to myself, but needless to say I’m a little concerned about publication reguardless of its format. 

So be sure to keep your eyes peeled on the ACC the next few weeks – I hear online traffic exceeds its circulation.  And be sure to keep tabs on Mr. Drebes other project – http://www.moscout.com/ as well.

UPDATE: Imagine my susprise while I was checking for a response to my comment on ACC when that same post (linked above) has been cryptically removed from public view.  Well moved anyway.  But the post has changed in it’s Media Watch revision, adding extra subterfuge to this news.  Now missing – the editorial words “more info on this later”.  And in their place a screen capture of the KWMU post previously linked to.  I implore you to check the post for yourself.  Note – looks like comments have been disabled.  Oops, our bad…



  1. Speaking of out of print but online, iTunes is now selling Travelling Willburys songs.

  2. speaking of both things out of print, i bet Playback:STL will probably write a review then…

  3. […] we broke the news too soon, but it’s been no secret that the ACC is officially out of print.  David Drebes finally broke the news to his audience on the ACC website, which will remain in its […]

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