To All A Good Bloomsday

June 13, 2007 at 5:36 pm | Posted in Books, Events, Gabe Bullard | 1 Comment

Dateline, June 16th, I get up, throw open my window shutters and yell to a young newspaper boy:

“You down there, what day is it?”

“Today, why it’s Saturday.” 

“No you illiterate fool, it’s Bloomsday.”

Okay, so that never happened, but this Saturday is my big chance. 

With Bloomsday (the day in which James Joyce’s Ulysses takes place) just around the corner, how will you celebrate? Well, if you’ve never read Ulysses or if you have and you want the experience of hearing it, the good folks over at Subterranean Books are hosting a live reading of the novel in the store, from 11am to 10pm, with festivities (if that’s the right word to describe a reading of this tragic epic) moving elsewhere when the store closes. I’ll be there with my eyepatch and derby, will you? 


1 Comment

  1. oh wow, I didn’t even know subteranean books had a blog. now i don’t know whether to add it to the blogroll or the Detours (for stores, spaces, etc)

    as for Bloomsday, well – I’ve always been more of a “Portrait of the Artist…” Joyce reader. maybe next time for “Dubliners” instead?

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