Big Muddy Beach Ball

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It’s no secret to readers that this blog has a few fans of Big Muddy records, and now one of us even works for Apop records.  But one secret almost ran completely under our radar (and by radar, i mean the internet).  Fortunately, after hearing it mentioned up @ Apop records today, I decided to do the hunting for everybody else. 

From the Big Muddy records website (well, Myspace actually):


Thats right, we’re doing it again!! This time its the “BIG MUDDY BEACH BALL” featuring all the Big Muddy recording artists you’ve come to know and love!! 7 SHOT SCREAMERS, THE VULTURES, JOHNNY O AND THE JERKS, and the MONADS! this is a BEACH themed party, so come dressed in your best beachy attire!! ALL AGES!!! BYOB!! !!

The KDHX concert calender reveals that this show starts @ 9 pm, while Johnny-O & the Jerks’ myspace post suggested that it might cost $10.  But for that minimal donation, the Vultures’ myspace suggests that

were your best beach party attire and recieve a BMR cassette tape compilation of all the bands on one side and APOP RECORDS artists on the other!

And while you’re there, remind our friends @ Big Muddy records to update their website.  Maybe then we’ll have figured this all out a little sooner.

Updated with direct links that were up until now hiding within the individual sites (see picture @ the top for that tip).  That well hidden address within the picture had not been linked on any site I found.  For some reason no one involved thought to link.  I consider garnering this isolated facts without relevant google search results or direct links a little victory, so I’m keeping the post above verbaitim but with link edits.

Just a friendly reminder to everyone on Myspace that they are in Google’s/non-myspace folks blind spot :P



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