Film Student Friday: post-Post edition

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This week we’ll recomend even more films currently playing in St Louis to impress a date or just avoid ticket lines.  We know we’ve already given you a lot of suggestions for this weekend, but here’s the heads up for our friends who prefer eating popcorn in the dark.  Back by popular demand Film Student Fridays – now with twice the film student quota.

Webster Film Series

Advantages – While “Holy Mountain” acts as a continuation of last weekend’s feature “el Topo” (both by acclaimed director Alejandro Jodorowsky) and deserves your interest as well, we couldn’t pass up Saturday’s Senoir Overview showcase.  Joshua Hawkins, Webster Film & Video Society President offered this description –

Johnny Cathcart’s pancake musical “The Original Batter… or Batter Up” will be screened along with Joe Klueh’s senior overview and Carson Minnow’s senior overview film…And more senior overviews pending on who joins in.  Go and support their finished films that represent their 4 years of learning at webster.

And we’re not just saying that since it’s the same Carson Minnow of fame, or because we might have had class with the other students as well. No, it’s because you’ll want to say you saw them first way back when, after they became famous.

Frontyard Features (40 films/40 nights)

Advantages – If skipping film school is more your style, why not try out this popular classic.  At the very least it’s sure to please a date (if unsure about commitment that is), but be sure not come there driving a red convertable.

48-hour Film Festival 

  • Don’t forget the 48-hour film festival entries we mentioned earlier this week.  They are showing this weekend @ the Tivoli for the first and (probably) last time. We promise you they’ll be worth your time, maybe.

Let us know what you think if you see any of the films in the comments, but until next weekend tell ’em it’s mandatory viewing because “I’m in film school”.


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