48 Hour “Best of” screening

June 19, 2007 at 1:17 am | Posted in Matthew Hurst, meta, Movies | 2 Comments

In case you missed last week’s screening from the 48 Hour Film Project, here’s a chance to redeem yourself.  According to our friends in the Film & Video Society, a “best of” screening of films in the project will take place this Thursday, June 21st from 7-10 pm @ the Tivoli Theater.  Films & ongoings are described thusly:

One great thing about the Best Of screening: they all don’t suck as much!  So please, come on down and check out what we made–apparently it’s really good!! Buy your tickets now! They WILL sell out.

And if that time doesn’t work out, don’t despair: there is an encore presentation @ 9:30 pm that same night.  A comprehensive list of finalist films can be found on the project’s blog, alonside some firsthand accounts of filming from contributers. 

And as our friends are careful to remind you, you might want to purchase tickets beforehand.



  1. Hwy61’s very own Gabe is on one of the finalist teams, too.

  2. oh really? which film did you work on?

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