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June 20, 2007 at 10:08 pm | Posted in Gabe Bullard | 4 Comments

With gas prices inflating, more and more stations are making pay-at-the-pump service mandatory. But I’ve noticed another trend picking up at convenience stores and filling stations, mandatory window service.

I’ve seen the window service at night. The doors to the store are locked, but you can buy things by ordering them through a bulletproof window on the side of the building. It makes sense that in certain neighborhoods these preventative measures must be taken when shoplifting/robberies are most likely to occur, but a few hours before dusk on Monday night, the Sinclair station on South Broadway was locked, and I had to use the window.

This isn’t a very bad neighborhood, and the clientele all seemed like upstanding citizens in expensive cars. I was pretty surprised that window service was initiated so soon (or all day) especially since the employee inside had to take a break from STOCKING THE SHELVES to go to the window to ask me what I wanted.

I’m sure she was reshelving the wares so that I could press my face up to the locked door, choose a product, then ask for it through a microphone connected to a speaker 18 inches away.

Congratulations Sinclair on South Broadway, you’re a giant vending machine. 



  1. Hey, I’ve always said gas station labor is just not a woman’s world.

  2. LOL. welcome to city gas stations, where you are a presumed threat. maybe the window exists to prevent rage @ the pump prices. if so, they’ve known something for years…

    just curious Tamara, what sorts of labor are part of a woman’s world?

  3. Theoretically all sorts, perhaps even the presidency.
    I hear Hillary is better than Obama. . .
    Female construction workers are still rare, and women in the clergy is just funky, but it’s all in how you look at things.
    Isn’t that the name of a book?

    This article is another reason why not having a driver’s license at my age IS a good thing. Plus I don’t have any money to completely spend on filling up a tank as it is.

  4. i believe this conversation has carried into further posts at this point.
    ps – is contributing to a blog part of your portrayal of labor in a woman’s world? i hate to be the feminist here, but it begs the question

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