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June 21, 2007 at 1:27 am | Posted in Coffee links, Matthew Hurst | 4 Comments

espresso and cell phone sprawled over a tableI was thinking about meeting my friend for coffee this afternoon, but as usually happens in this commuter city the question of where became an issue. That is until I remembered to use the Starbucks Delocator. Imagine my surprise finding additional theater and bookstore searches at my fingertips using this anti-franchise local search tool.

For the uninitiated, Delocator.net started out as a way to find local coffeehouses by using the Starbucks locator engine in combination with it’s own database.  And as I mentioned before, it turns out the site has expanded to include movie houses and book stores in their repetroire.
We’ve been talking a lot lately on Highway 61 about what makes this city great, and as far as I can tell it’s local business and neighborhoods and not corporate big-box retail stores.  A lot of of our friends online seem to agree that the one-size (wal-mart that is) fits all surburban style shopping doesn’t bring new residents from the suburbs they prefer.  That’s which is exactly makes Delocator.net so useful and interesting.  We just thought we’d pass it along in case you know about any place we ought to know about, just like we try to do for you.



  1. Now if only I had a car to drive to the coffee shop and money to buy the coffee. Actually tea for me.

  2. if we had either of those things people would be even less likely to shop locally. that’s the beauty of re-urbanization tools like this. why drive when you can ride a bike? or walk!

  3. gotta love those local coffee houses Matthew :P

  4. coffe being the bane of our existence then, jake… :P

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