Film-Geek Fridays: “Holy smoke!” and mirrors edition

June 22, 2007 at 1:40 pm | Posted in Film Student Fridays, Matthew Hurst | 2 Comments

facade of the tivoli theater in the u city loopLast night was the 48-hour Film Project’s “Best of” screening, and we can’t help but feel like a few film-geeks of our own in town might want to extend their pursuit of independent cinema.  Of course we’d like to congratulate the filmmakers of “Franz Kafka: The Happiest Man in Happy Town” (including our own contributor Gabe Bullard), which will represent the city in the global finalists competition.  Not that their blog will reflect that prestige, but from the look of the “Best of” screening, Saint Louis has a lot of creative talent that would merit this feature’s notice in the future.

With that in mind, here’s some creative film works that might interest you this weekend, or at least might make up for missing out last night:

Old Orchard Gazebo Series (2007 edition)

Advantages: This is the feature film version of the original Batman television series, including the greatest man to don the caped crusader’s costumes – Adam West.  You’ll come for the free music beforehand in this scenic Webster Groves park, but you’ll stay for every punch and roundhouse kick only Batman could deliver with graphic overlays.  One viewing of the nearly 5 minute long sequence in which Batman carries a comicallly oversized bomb across the dock and you’ll be sucked into the allure of this cult classic.  Also, it’s free…

Frontyard Features (40 films/40 nights)

Advantages: If you’ve already seen at least one of the films in this free series, you already know the advantages: cool summer nights in a friendly neighborhood atmosphere.  If for some reason that isn’t enough to get you to check them out, “Meet me in St. Louis” (which would be more properly screened in Forest Park) is probably the most tolerable musical in town (except the Lion King).  As for “Bride & Prejudice” fear not foes of Shakespeare, this is a Bollywood adaptation.

Webster Film Series

  • Zoo @ 8 pm in the Winifred Moore Auditorium, Friday, Satuday, and Sunday June 22-24.

Advantages:  If this film doesn’t start a conversation, nothing will.  This documentary explores the secret lives of seemingly ordinary by focusing on a particular incident of taboo: inter-species sexuality.    After a man dies trying to have sex with a horse, well there was enough of a media zoo to sustain interest in this taboo.  Not recommended if your date is also your pet.

We hope that helps your decision making process this weekend.  As usual if you see anything worth our notice, we hope you’ll pass along word to our friends below.



  1. Hey, my sister and I drove past the Batman show.
    Looked cool. Also it felt cool.
    Meet Me in St. Louis is a Christmas movie, sort of, right?.
    Bride & Prejudice, ehhh.
    And is anyone seriously interested in seeing Zoo? Ew.

    I hope I get to see the Kafka film, I’m rooting for it already.

  2. 1.) Hope you had fun. We did watching it.
    2.) Well, part of the film takes place during christmas, but it’s mostly about the 1904 world’s fair. hence my comment about forest park
    3.) Just giving you options…
    4.) It’s a documentary about people interested in a taboo. That doesn’t mean people interested in seeing it are interested in the same sexual things (necessarily). They’re just interested in it the same way people are interested in foreign cultures, I think. I doubt it’s a graphic film nonetheless.
    5.) You’re going to have to find a video, because it’s not showing anymore.

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