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June 26, 2007 at 12:45 pm | Posted in Apopaganda, Events, Matthew Hurst, music | 2 Comments

We just got word that the original dirty rapper, Blowfly, is not only on tour for the first time in 35 years but will play at the Atomic Cowboy. The show will be this Thursday, June 28th for a mere $10 a head, but stick around for the weekly Funkbuffet, served as a natural accompaniment. And according to the Apop records culture bureau:

The original Rapp Dirty man himself is gonna be chillin’ over at Apop before the show at Atomic Cowboy this Thursday. He’ll be jammin’ and signin’ and bringin’ hella merch for y’all to pick up. In honor of his presence, we’ll be boozin and par-tayin it up from 6 pm until showtime. You can BYO–WHATEVER, but we’ll also be bringing the liquid funk.

But caution to those of you with innocent ears and loose morals; according to his website Blowfly says, “I am coming to St. Louis to stick my dick in that tight hole you call the arch!”  Don’t say we didn’t warn you…



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