Film-Geek Fridays – Legacy Edition

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This is the weekend that Die Hard 4 comes out.  Oh I’m sorry, the film is called “Live Free or Die Hard“.  I believe it was General John Stark who originally coined the phrase “Death Is Not The Worst Of Evils…Now I know what a TV dinner feels like.”  But when I was talking to Hwy61’s own award-winning co-writer of “Franz Kafka: The Happiest Man in Happytown” Mr. Gabriel Bullard, he informed me that, “i have to see any cheesy action movie if the word “legacy” is used in more than one review”. Guess that means we won’t be waiting in line this weekend :P

Right then, so here are some film going recommendations you won’t see in the movie listings section of your newspaper this weekend.

Webster Film Series

According to the film series calendar, this documentary of experimental theater artists Robert Wilson is “More than a biography, the film becomes an exhilarating exploration of the transformative power of creativity itself”.  But if that doesn’t wet your appetite for documentary film, consider his fans Phillip Glass, David Byrne, and the late Susan Sontag who appear in the film as worth the price of admission itself.

Old Orchard Gazebo Series (2007 edition)

As originally written by our contributor Gabe, this week’s offering in this free outdoor movie series is probably the dirtiest film you can take your kids to – just like your parents did for you!  You know the truffle shuffle helps wash away the mental scars of our youth.

Frontyard Features STL (40 films/40 nights)

Lawrence Fishburn and Gene Wilder!  In successive nights!  Be there for this free series, not because the films are great in their own regard (because they both are), but you know, for the betterment of your community.



  1. Sorry to say this, since I generally love your recommendations, but I think you missed the best selection last week. At the St. Louis art museum, they were showing “I Accuse! (J’Accuse!)”, a 1937 French anti-war film. It has some cheesy acting and bad special effects as you might expect from that time period, but overall it was pretty powerful, and the ending was amazing.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation Adam. Sometimes local screenings slip through our fingers as well, so we can’t be relied on as a resource for every film. If you know about any interesting films coming up, feel free to let us know. We live to pass along good things to our friends (like yourself).

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