Beer and Blood: the Disaster Awareness Fair

July 3, 2007 at 3:30 pm | Posted in Events, Lauren Reid, Matthew Hurst, stl | 3 Comments

It’s almost been a year since last summer’s devastating storms blew out power during a heat wave, and it’s been over six months since the ice storms did the same in the bitter cold.  But do you ever find yourself asking “what would I do if a mob of vicious flesh eating undead persons swarmed through my neighborhood during the middle of a blood shortage?”

We always thought we could just call out Beetlejuice or the Ghostbusters, but the Zombie Squad seeks to correct those popular survival misconceptions during this year’s Disaster Awareness Fair.  These defenders from the undead will be working alongside the Red Cross, Fire Dept, and other rescue agencies to help educate you at the Schlafly Tap Room & Brewery on Locust.  And while formal donations of blood will not be taking place, there will instead be informative presentations on zombie attacks and other equally likely disaster survival techniques on Saturday, July 21st.  And beer (hooray)!

Alongside the representative groups, you’ll want to stick around for Frontyard Features which will be playing Mad Max and Shawn of the Dead (more on that later) with instructional videos and PSAs in between.  Of course, should you make it through the flesh-devouring horde of zombies on the way in, you’ll want to bring surplus canned food for you and your friends to Feed My People.  Every 5 cans of food is good for a raffle ticket c/o REI, which give you a chance to win the Zombie Squad merchandise you’ll need to survive that night.  Until then, just stay tuned to the Emergency Alert System



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