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July 3, 2007 at 12:28 pm | Posted in blogs, Matthew Hurst, Media | 3 Comments

This is bound to put our fledgling little blog in hot water again.  Thanks to our friends @ 52nd city (with which I’m sure most of our readers are already familiar), we have officially been canonized in the STL blogerati.  It’s a strange invitation recieving press releases for events and venues, because we just like to pass along things we think you might like.  Then I checked the e-mail list, and got in on the joke:

I’m pretty sure every e-mail on this list was or is publicly attainable, but if not I’ll understand if you rather wouldn’t talk to us anymore.  Besides, we already read/watch/listen to every media personality on this e-mail list anyway. We’re just tickled pink to be in your (albiet virtual) company.



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