Funky Thursday (Blowfly does STL)

July 5, 2007 at 4:30 pm | Posted in Apopaganda, Matthew Hurst, music, Photo Essay | 1 Comment

Just because you missed Blowfly’s show last week @ the Atomic Cowboy (even though we gave you advance notice) doesn’t mean you have to miss the debauchery.  As your personal witness to this funky, if misogynistic, icon of free expression himself, here’s my perspective of his recent tour of St. Louis available as a FlickR slide set (for more photos).

At first you’ll see his appearance @ Apop records who threw a party in his honor.  It was there his appetite for the fairer sex became apparent to even those who were not familiar with his music, although he told one young lady I was a “FBT; Female Bootyhole Tickler”.  And despite or perhaps because of his unique manner of expression, he was able to charm the swarming crowd @ the Atomic Cowboy.  Bill Streeter was also on hand at the concert venue to document the performance’s ongoings, so keep your eyes peeled on for further video documentation of this Funky Thursday.


1 Comment

  1. […] week over on, which means we finally get to see some video from the Blowfly show we made a photo essay of for […]

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