Film-Geek Fridays: Reel Late edition

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They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, but with apologies to Gabe, I can’t find any reason to post about the Iphone.  Instead since I assume everyone who wants one is busy watching the Transformers trailer on their’s, I’ll just have to resume posting a weekly compilation of films worth seeing this weekend.

Reel Late @ the Tivoli

The Reel Late midnight film series returns with the ultimate prequel to debut the season.  I could give you 88 reasons to bring a friend to this chilling docu-drama of a suburban dystopia in which terrorists trading suitcase nukes are narrowly evaded through the “Power of Love” (and time travel).  Go see this visionary film, some 22 years ahead of its time, before it begins to fade from the picture.

Special Exhibition Screening

Thanks to our friends at 52nd City for the tip, this special screening of this epic silent film is being shown as part of the ongoing exhibition “Symbols of Power: Napoleon and the Art of the Empire Style, 1800-1815“.  The film is a marathon tour de force of silent film at it’s most communicative visuals, and by marathon I mean the film is about 3 hours long.  So if you want to check out the exhibit (before the museum closes for the day, that is), try to make time before the film this Saturday.

Webster Film Series

I’ll leave it to the Post-Dispatch Film Critic Joe Williams to explain what exactly makes this film cool.

Frontyard Features (40 films/40 nights)

What can we say about these showings by Frontyard Features, except that their 1.) free, 2.)start around dusk, and 3.) bring the neighborhood together.  That’s why we feel like a bad mamba-jamba because we forgot to mention they showed “Shaft” last night.  And no, I’m not sure which U2 film their showing either, but for my money the Zoo TV tour is worth revisiting.  Save your rentals for the weekdays, and spend some time with your neighbors that doesn’t involve bottle rockets this weekend.

And fortunately for me, the Old Orchard Gazebo series is taking a break this weekend, opening up a film geek’s schedule to see all of these films this weekend.  PS – Reel Late extra credit.



  1. I still have Transformers on the mind.
    The exhibits at the museum are free on Fridays, so one of these weekends. . .

  2. […] (1927) @ 1 pm in the Saint Louis Art Museum Auditorium on Saturday, July 14thIn case you missed it last week, this special encore screening of the French silent classic is described on the Art Museum’s […]

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