Links with Your Martini Monday

July 10, 2007 at 12:04 am | Posted in Etcetra | 2 Comments

We think we owe you a drink, so instead of the coffee we usually serve ya on Sunday, we thought we’d mix it up a little.  Tonight we’re serving up a martini special, in varieties of vodka, gin, and link based flavor.



  1. So, Iron Barley won the Sauce award for Best Kept Secret in 2004. Upon winning the same award the following year, proprietor Tom Coghill said (paraphrasing), “I guess no one read last years poll”.

  2. Lol, is that right? To be fair, our introduction to it has mostly been accidental. Also, everyone we’ve talked to about Iron Barley was introduced to it by another friend. Maybe that’s why we made a visit last night…

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