No-Frills LAN Party 2k7

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Because sometimes console gaming is just a little too solitary, why not meet other local gamers at the No-Frills LAN party? Our friends @ Warfactory (the same folks behind the annual LANetarium at the Science Center) are planning another LAN party, this time a bit more focused playing with friends instead of competition ladder tournaments. For those of you who still consider computer gamers to be for the socially maladjusted, here comes another chance to prove your prejudice wrong.  According to the Warfactory website:

So what does this mean? Basically, we organize everything for you and give you a great place to LAN with all our equipment (including our fancy new core switch!) and we join you for a day of fun.
The best part … IT’S TOTALLY FREE!!!!!. To ensure that you’ll have a seat, however, we are accepting a $5 payment to “” which we will refund or give you credit at the LAN for pizza/drinks.

So here’s your chance to pwn some n00bz and frag yr friends (as they say). It’ll all go down at the Banwidth Exchange Building in downtown St. Louis this August 18th, 2k7 edition.  Just bring your computer and add Bawls


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