Blackberries On the House

July 16, 2007 at 11:29 pm | Posted in Lauren Reid, Matthew Hurst, summer | 1 Comment

lauren holds in her hands some blackberriesIn days filled with iPhones and other technological “marvels,” mention the word blackberry and most people are probably more likely to think of the gadget rather than the fruit.
But just this past weekend the fields at Eckert’s Orchards opened for guests to come in bunches and pick all the blackberries that their buckets could hold. However, it may may take a little determination (and a loud alarm clock) if you’re not really into the morning scene as hours when we went were 8am – Noon. But on a beautiful day just bring the sunscreen, leave your worries, and chomp some right off of the bushes. A hint – really stick your head in those shadows for the best, ripest berries.
lauren hoists two buckets full of clackberries above her headWell now, when you’re done picking to your heart’s content, what to do with all those blackberries? I think I’ll try my next batch shaken with some Mike’s Hard Lemonade. There’s plenty to garnish with those sweet suckers.
Of course, if you’re looking for something a little less alcoholic, you can’t go wrong with some blackberry stuffed crepes or tarts.

Interested parties are welcome to take a look for themselves, or just @ our FlickR photoset – Matt


1 Comment

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