So you think you CAN’T dance?

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About a month and a half ago I was pretty sure I couldn’t dance, and well I was a little worried since wedding season was coming around.  Not to mention the potential embarrassment should my respective other have a better sense of musicality than me.  Fortunately, Lauren had the same idea around the same time, and a few Lindy Swing dance lessons later, I feel like I can cut a rug.

But you can cut a rug too (although wood floors might be a bit easier).  While we were still in class, we learned about the Monday Club in Webster Groves, a monthly Saturday-night celebration of swing dance (yeah, we thought it was an old fad too when we started).  At the MC (or Monday Club) you can expect to pay a couple bucks to learn a whole new dance and it’s steps without the need for any experience (or partner, since you’ll be switching partners quite a bit).  It might not make for the best date, but after the first hour’s lesson you can pick up a date on the massive 2000+ square feet of a wood dancefloor, and dance the night away with DJ’d music for the next three hours.

If you still think you can’t dance, this is the chance to do something about that (no need to be intimidated by the fancy footwork, just come back like we will).  The next Monday Club will take place Saturday July. 28th from 7-11 PM, and the one-hour lesson will only set you back $6 (a bargain considering the $20 we paid to learn the whole thing separately).  And although you might see some wallflowers on the way in to this venue with a domestic-resembling exterior, wallflowers are probably not the best inclusion on this date.  (although we’ll offer a wallflower perspective while we were catching our breath via a FlickR photoset)


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