Mothership Touches Down At Webster U

July 19, 2007 at 12:05 am | Posted in Gabe Bullard, music | 4 Comments

Warning: I didn’t actually witness any of this, I just talked to those who were present.

Yesterday, the councilor for a summer camp being held at Webster University reported seeing a very odd-looking man in the school’s University Center. Employees reported seeing him near the pool. Sources say he was non-threatening and quiet, but when he did talk, it was a low mumble that was nearly impossible to understand.

Who was this strange man?

According to Webster Public Safety, it was George Clinton.

That’s George Clinton the funkiest man alive, not George Clinton the vice president to Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

So what was the head of Parliament Funkadelic doing in the UC? Nobody knows, but here’s a list of possible explanations that the unfunky will not understand:

1. Using the school’s science lab to clone Dr. Funkenstein
2. Using the library to continue his research in Funkentelechy vis a vie the Placebo Syndrome
3. Being absent to class.
4. Doing upper body work in the fitness center in preparation for the spanking of war babies.
5. Standing around



  1. !

  2. either george clinton would have been serve ing parliamentary duties

  3. Perhaps he was teaching. Yeah, sure. Maybe he was teaching some young rising politician how to know black people.

    Who is George Clinton? Um, let me and my staff get back to you on that. Jeez. I have an uncle named George, perhaps I should know.

    Get out the bunk! Get out the bunk!

  4. […] reader Patrick Vacek recently saw someone at the Webster University Center looking suspiciously funky. Mr. Vacek approached the visitor and found out he was George Clinton’s bass player, who was […]

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