Film-Geek Fridays: Vacation edition

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Full confession: I cannot always attend every screening I recommend each week in this blog.  This is especially the case this week, as I am out of town on vacation (ie, I’ll settle for a 3rd generation of “Hairspray“).  But please don’t let that diminish my recommendations, which whole-heartedly reflect my interest as a collegiate educated film student.

Webster Film Series

  • The Draughtman’s Contract @ 8PM Friday-Sunday July 20-22nd in the Winifred Moore Auditorium ($4-6)

    This story about a couple who split up on vacation intrigues me, not because I’m a jealous husband but because the wife uses the artist’s picture to try to solve the crime of her newly deceased husband. Of course these portraits were commissioned by the wife, who had to trade her womanly gifts as payment to the artist. Sounds like a James Joyce romance/mystery novel to me.

2007 St. Louis Filmmaker’s Showcase

  • This is Lo-Fi Saint Louis @ 7-9 PM Saturday July 21st at the the Centene Center in St. Louis, MO ($8)

    Besides the fact that you should have already read about Cinema St. Louis’ local showcase, you really have no excuse not to check out on the big screen. You already know the great work that the friendly Bill Streeter does in an altruistic sense for our local scene, but now you can ask him how – without ping lag for comments! But seriously, this is my last chance to suggest that you simply must check out these films, which will play throughout next week until Thursday July the 26th (check the schedule here)

Old Orchard Gazebo series (2007 edition

  • Best in Show @ 9PM in Gazebo Park on Friday, July 20th (free)

    Besides the pre-show performance of R&B soultress Kim Massie @ 7PM (which Beatle Bob raved about earlier this week), “Best in Show” is probably one of the most underappreciated mockumentaries from the same company that introduced us all to the genre with “Spinal Tap”.  And although that might not be the best hooks, keep in mind this documentary-style comedy about dog shows is actually pretty family safe, and thereby a great finish to the intent behind the Gazebo series this summer.

Frontyard Features (40 films/40 nights)

Reel Late @ the Tivoli

  • The Princess Bride @ midnight Friday & Saturday July 20, 21st and 10PM on Sunday July 22nd ($6)

    You liked it the first time you saw it, and you’ve been watching it on video for years. How about reliving the magic projected on a big screen? (insert film reference here, you know you will).

 And while I cannot claim this list to be complete, that should give those of you still in town a good idea of what films you might want to check out this weekend.  Until I return, remember to send me a postcard from film-geek purgatory.



  1. […] while you should have thanked Bill Streeter in person last night, you’ll just be joining the chorus of voices (including his own) congratulating Team […]

  2. So these are less in the category of screenings and more along the lines of “sit in front of your computer and enjoy good short films”, but I thought maybe they’d be of interest. Definitely good for a rainy (or broke) day when free award-winning films on the internet are an excellent choice.

    Film-geek-y indeed!

  3. dear andrea,
    how much have you been paid to plug that page to a certain demographic. i mean, the films are pretty interesting, but i still feel a tingling sense of targeting

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