Song of the Week, Late and Corporate

July 22, 2007 at 4:24 pm | Posted in Gabe Bullard, Song of the Week | 2 Comments

I’m sure you were all shocked by the lack of a SOTW last Thursday. Don’t worry, though, I didn’t forget about it, I was just too busy selling out. But it’ll be worth it to you in the end. 

How so? Well, this week’s SOTW is the They Might Be Giants Podcast

You’ll need iTunes to get it, and the link will either take you to the podcast in the music store or lead you to download the program. If you don’t have it, just make sure you have a fairly speedy internet connection to the rock you live under.

The podcast comes out irregularly, but it features music, news and strangeness from one of my favorite bands.

Don’t like TMBG? Don’t like a corporate SOTW? Too bad.




  1. bout time. i did a search on “sell out, tmbg” and all i got were links by the band saying “the show might sell out”. ha!

  2. what, Something Corporate?
    oh, that’s just some other band that I’ve never heard.
    I would install iTunes, but this is technically Prisca’s computer.

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