What is wrong with this picture?

July 26, 2007 at 5:16 pm | Posted in contest, Matthew Hurst, stl | 6 Comments

Found in the newspaper vending stand in Terminal A of Lambert Airport.  First comment to indentify the problem illustrated above wins a PhotoHunt contest at a bar of your choosing.  All apologies to the Riverfront Times magazine.



  1. Hmm, a free weekly paper with a cover urging passers-by to steal being sold…Is it the Delta sign that’s wrong with the picture?

  2. “Das” means “that” or “the”, not “this”. So the cover does not implore passers by to steal “it”.

  3. They’re charging for a free paper! Isn’t that illegal? I guess this proves what I always suspected: airports charge way too much for everyday items.

    Who gets the money? Lambert? I guess terrorist costs are up; they’re making money where they can. I’d hate to see what they charge for a newspaper that isn’t free.

  4. der, die, or das. . .
    I never did learn much in German class.

  5. How old is that picture? That RFT edition is over 2 weeks old…

  6. gabe – correct on many levels. unfortunately, being part of our staff makes us both ineligible for contests
    paul – while i can confirm the german grammar as einer deutch sprechen mann, aber sans context of the cover story, i am relatively sure it could be about a command to steal the book. inventive reason though.
    Brett – LOL. You’re the closest without going over. please let me know the best way to arrange a bar amusement machine match at your nearest convience.
    Tamara – it’s alright, i’ve forgotten everything about conjugation (see above writing)
    e – and right your are. I took this picture on Monday, July 16th while I was heading out of town on vacation. It is in that context that I waited to post it. If that was your guess, that’s more relevant than the internet is capable of realizing. let’s talk newsworthy philosophy in the beer after my game with brett

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