Film-Geek Fridays: Springfield edition

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avatar of MattHurst, made using the simpsons avatar generatorAnother weekend has come, but this time I don’t need to tell you what the big movie is.  And while some people seem determined to see it fail (like they argue, the last few seasons), you know they’ll be seeing the film anyway.  In the meantime I’ve been playing with my Simpson’s avatar (I wrote about it earlier) and posting aerial photos of Springfield, MO (sans monorail system).

But since this weekly feature is meant to emphasize the best film screenings taking place in St. Louis, I’ll have to put aside this blockbuster in favor of some more local flavors. But for future reference, I don’t need permission to geek out (see above title).

Reel Late @ the Tivoli

  • A Clockwork Orange @ midnight Friday & Saturday July 27, 28th and 10PM on Sunday July 29th ($6)Welly, welly, well my droog friends. If you’re feeling a little buzzed after leaving the bar, “this would sharpen you up and make you ready for a bit of the old ultra-violence”.  This 1971 Stanley Kubrick interpretation of the Anthony Burgess novel is a perfect midnight movie, filled with loads of mindless sex and violence and a relatively amoral ethos.  And for a double feature, why not come early and check our Labyrinth (hey kids, it’s David Bowie).  So you’re keen on film?  Yes!

 Webster Film Series

  • A Zed & Two Noughts @ 8pm on Friday-Sunday, July 27-29th in the Winifred Moore AuditoriumThis bizarre story of car accidents, doctors, love triangles, and rare birds would seem a decidedly less ultraviolence alternative to this weekend’s other offering. Yet from what I hear, it’s no less entertaining, and perhaps even more complicated then that comparison elicits. Consider putting it in your plans, and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Frontyard Features (40 films/40 nights)

  • An American in Paris @ dusk in Lafayette Park on Friday, July 27th
  • The Devil Wears Prada @ dusk in the CWE on Saturday, July 28thAn American in Paris, acclaimed as one of the AFI’s top 100 films of the last century, is probably Gene Kelly at his most acrobatic best and musical film near its zenith. And although their website does not name it, my source tells me that The Devil Wears Prada is Saturday’s film in the CWE, so be sure to wear your Sunday best.

 And while this week’s unique offerings seem a bit limited, we’re sure this last week’s film festival gave you plenty of entertainment.  But if you’re college aged (or can pass for a college student), I’ll be working as an extra on a film this Saturday @ Webster University.  Interested parties should meet in room 254 in the Sverdrup building of Webster University around 10:30 AM, where filming will take place until mid-afternoon.

Extra credit –

guess who is on the simpson's couch<– dork


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