Thrift Store Diskettes

July 29, 2007 at 12:24 am | Posted in Matthew Hurst, shopping | 2 Comments

Because some days you never know what you’ll find at your local thrift store, here’s one of the offerings we found this last Saturday afternoon.  These floppy diskettes, safely enclosed in their original shrink wrapped box, have survived like a time capsule sitting on the shelf of the Salvation Army’s store on the Forest Park Expressway in St Louis.

Should this increasingly rare find inspire you to try a little thrift shopping, consider using this completist’s list of St. Louis thift stores.  And for the more internet enabled among you, we hear Craigslist still has some interesting finds availible as well.



  1. I love thrift stores!
    My favorite purchase are my $2 Birkenstocks from St. Vincent de Paul.
    Nice to see several Florissant locations. . .
    and I’m pretty sure I know where they all are.

  2. you might be interested in checking out the thrift shopping along the forest park expressway then. they have massive warehouses from goodwill, the salvation army, and st vincent’s organziations. and they’re all in short walks from each other.

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