Mothership Lands Again

July 30, 2007 at 8:34 pm | Posted in Gabe Bullard, music | 8 Comments

Faithful reader Patrick Vacek recently saw someone at the Webster University Center looking suspiciously funky. Mr. Vacek approached the visitor and found out he was George Clinton’s bass player, who was visiting Webster to pick up someone who was using the swimming pool.

Vacek then snapped the photo you see above.

Note: George Clinton once again refers to the forefather of funk and not the actual forefather.



  1. To be fair, I didn’t actually approach him; Jen Violett had the pleasure of doing that. I had left to get more batteries for my camera, since this picture is decidedly shaky due to lack of flash, and upon my return, there was a sudden lack of funk.

  2. wait, webster has a swimming pool?

  3. that’s one more picture than we had before, so thanks again

    as for the swimming pool, it ca be found on the ground/basement level of webster’s unversity center building, adjacent to the exercize room

  4. They guy has been trolling around for years. He often will play pretty badly in front of Soulard Market with his young blonde girlfriend all gussied up. He would troll around SLU in the 90s. I am not so sure of his story. But he is a trip no doubt.

  5. Where’s Bootsy when you need him? If this guy’s sucking it up in Soulard, we need someone to rock the space bass post haste.

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  7. How much would a Indoor pool cost? Would 25,000 cover the average 25 yard length competition pool….8 lanes…indoor?

  8. at home we have a kidney-shaped swimming pool that is well maintained, i love swimming on it all day long _

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