Love Tester @ Happy Joe’s

July 31, 2007 at 3:29 pm | Posted in Lauren Reid, Matthew Hurst, staff, Video | 2 Comments
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With summer flings in full swoon this summer, you might need a means to test the veracity of your lover.  Fortunately there is in fact a machine that will scientifically measure the strength of your love, the Love Tester.  As demonstrated in the above video by yours truly, the Love Tester was also used by fellow Highway 61 contributor Lauren “Hot Stuff” Reid (check out her video on youtube).

This amusement machine is among many others at Happy Joe’s family restaurant (see more with FlickR photos here), which wouldn’t be a bad place for a date with your summer fling.  In fact, Happy Joe’s is just one of many popular pizza parlors in this slice of St Louis County, including my old favorite Fortel’s Pizza Den.  And if your date is on a diet, just remind them that the games are “harmless” (heh).



  1. what happened when Lauren used it?

    there’s a Fortel’s in Florissant. The last time I was there I remember some crazy guy hanging around outside talking to himself.
    hmm. . .the pizza was good.

  2. Fortel’s! Thanks for reminding me, they have some delish pizza. I would think that the crazy guy could only add to the atmosphere
    As for my results…check out the link for my youtube video in the post…let’s just say I was one step away from “uncontrollable” (ka-cha!!)

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