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Alongside countless barbeques this weekend, we think making a batch of Sun Tea might make a relaxing weekend that much sweeter.  I encourage all our readers to pour a glass over ice on a hot summer day, which is possibly the best use of city water…next to beer of course.  Set it out on the porch, watch out for hobos, and refridgerate your pitcher three hours later (hint: hotter day equal tastier brews) to have a great Labor Day weekend.

Full size pictures availible in a FlickR photoset here.


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It’s official, NPR is brought to you by listeners like us. Listeners like us and Wisconsin-based brewers of hipster beer.

While listening to KWMU the other day, I heard Pabst Brewing listed among the sponsors. There it was, PBR in between the CPB and BMG (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.)

I’m not surprised that a beer company would sponsor great programming, I’m really just shocked that Pabst is making enough to make donations. I can see how PBR drinkers would like NPR shows, but I’ve never seen Pabst priced above $2.00. For those who haven’t been to a Strokes concert or a liberal arts college party in the last five years, Pabst is the beer of choice for the young, broke and hip. I guess all those scenesters really chug.

Considering how much I like public radio, next time I’m at a bar, I may have to take a Pabst for the team. Drink a cheap beer for Carl, Dianne, Garrison, Terry and Ira.

Governor’s Cup (civic pride)

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We’re brimming with civic pride in anticipation of this year’s Missouri Governor’s Cup game, that annual contest between our professional football powerhouse Rams and Kansas City’s “team” – the Chiefs.  So confident are we in the greatest show on turf (do they still call the Rams that?), that we’re willing to make a public wager over the I-70 series (aka The Battle of Missouri).

Of course in order to make a cross-state blog wager, we had to find the right blog in Kansas City to take on.  Meet Chimpotle. He has a taste for O’Fallon Beer, thinks lowly of Gabriel’s fighting abilities,  and will pay us in straight cash.  He took the bait, adding that “It’s on like Donkey Kong…That baby blue could use a nice blood red paint job.”

That being said, our wager is friendly – we’ll be trading paint jobs.  Should our Rams win the Governor’s Cup game tonight, he’ll have to use our team’s colors in his blog’s theme for all of this Labor Day weekend.  And vice versa. 

Of course we’ll bring it on like we’re a land assemblage tax credit and he’s governor Matt Blunt.  Either way it’s bound for local control…(stay tuned)

Second City – webster

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Second City – webster

Originally uploaded by Skewgee

Although I’m not entirely sure if this is this tonight, I found a sign for an improv comedy night on my walk accross Webster University today. I thought it might be of interest to our readers who are students at Webster, since they’re the only audience allowed to attend. They must be including night students, since the show is due to start at the end of night classes.

What: Second City (improv comedy)
Who: Webster Students only
When: Tonight, August 30th @ 9:30 PM
Where: Grant Gym on Webster University (St. Louis main campus)
Cost: Free!

links for 2007-08-30

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Film Geek Weekend – Labor Day edition

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Should, for whatever reason, you have not made plans this weekend or just prefer the air conditioned theater to the summer heat amplified by your BBQ pit, this should give you a few options.

Frontyard Features is screening Ghost on Thursday, August 30th @ dusk on the Pershing Tennis Courts.  Because I really needed an excuse to plug the KWMU story on this series after my previous article, and I’m ghost like Swayze. (Free!)

St. Louis Art Museum will screen Northwest Wind on Friday August 31st @ 7pm in the Auditorium.  Pirates, Frenchmen, Lust, and Post-Modernism will be on display, but not in the gallery. ($5)

Webster Film Series presents Lights in the Dusk on August 31-September 2 @ 8pm in the Winifred Moore Auditorium.  This Finish comedy has been described as smart deadpan, but it’s also described as heartbreaking by the film series programmers.  You might also be interested in seeing Holy Modal Rounders on Thursday. ($6)

Seema Enterprises will show Hey Babyy Friday August 31st @ 9pm and Saturday September 1st @ 3pm and 9pm in the Wehrenberg St. Charles 18 Cine.  More Bollywood comedy, please!  ($10)

Reel Late @ the Tivoli is showing The Shining on Friday-Saturday Aug 31-Sept 1 @ midnight and Sunday August 2nd @ 10pm.  Because all work and no play this weekend makes this a dull blog. ($6)

Cinemania @ Grand Center is screening Pee Wee’s Big Adventure on Saturday August 1st @ 9pm.  Of course you’ll want to get there early to take part in their costume contest @ 8:30pm, because it’s hard to ride your bike in platform shoes. (Free!)

Cue theme music

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I need to admit that I am a public radio junkie.  I have a radio in nearly every room of my home, usually pretuned to one of two local stations.  My name in Matt Hurst, and I am addicted to NPR.

Unfortunately for me, Saint Louis has the public radio affiliate equivalent of a cigarette company; KWMU is as iconic as it is addictive.  And while it may have lost it’s Marlboro Man in meteorologist Ben Abell, St. Louis on the Air remains an old habit of mine – a recent discussion of the CWE’s history is worth a listen.  But like so many otherwise interested citizens, I’m usually at work when the local show goes on the air (from 11am-noon on weekdays). 

So I’ve been using the show’s podcast to make my commute a little more civically engaging.  NPR uses their podcasts for nearly all their shows, but this week’s Fresh Air (with Terri Gross) might be worth a download; they’ll be interviewing hard rock bands, and thusly fulfilling Patton Oswald’s dream of making NPR sound more like the rebellious rocking intros of conservative talk radio.  As for more public radio recommendations, I can’t rule it out…

Previously: From the Department of Meteorology, Update on Ben Abell, and The Listening (Tap) Room.

links for 2007-08-29

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  • What new can be said about this neighborhood bakery in Forest Park Southeast (aka the Grove)? We have a friend or two working there these days, adding extra incentive to visit this already peaceful slice of city life. It’s “the good way” to do lunch (or breakfast and dinner).

    tags: bakery restaurant thegrove coffee hwy61

  • This post highlights some of the great quirks and assets Saint Louis has to offer, reminding us of at least a few of the reason to live around here. Too bad it went light on the Provel.

    (tags: city history assets stlouis culture list)

  • We were going to write a short post of our own about the maddening ammount of thigns to do this weekend, except this article seem to cover that insanity pretty acutely. Here’s to hoping you find cool shit to do this weekend, since you’ll have so many options (a barbeque might suffice).

    (tags: stlouis 52nd events holiday)

Play(come)back:STL tour

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They say bad press is better than no press (see also: last week’s controversial post), but what about free press?  That’s what we’re giving to Playback:STL, who went out of press and online (when we’re not poking fun at local print, we can go online).  Although we’ve been disappointed with their web publication in the past, the homegrown publisher is promising to make good on it’s roots by organizing a local music showcase of their own this fall; Play:STL.  You could call it a comeback tour.

And from the look of things, it might be there redemption.  Now expanded (from 2 days) this three-day festival, which takes place September 21-23rd 2007 across the The Loop and between at least 90 bands we know of, might remind you of the RFT music showcase earlier this summer.  It’s when you look through show list, you realize playback has not limited themselves to the local acts (which need support nonetheless), but instead includes interesting acts from all over the map.  In that latter regard, this festival is earning comparisons to SXSW.

Keeping Saint Louis weird won’t be a problem (in every sense of that phrase).  We’re interested in the panels to be hosted, which as of yet haven’t been acknowledged online.  In the meantime, Playback seems to know how to tie an event together online: check out their FlickR photostream and embedded music player, serving as constant agitators to get us excited for the festival.   Will there be a panel of Saint Louis bloggers?  We’ll find out for ourselves this September.

(PS – would a little extra online integration hurt?  I wrote a little meme on the subject last week, and I don’t promote events professionally.  Just a suggestion.)

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