The Listening (Tap) Room

August 1, 2007 at 12:36 pm | Posted in exhibition, Matthew Hurst, Media | 1 Comment

As you might have already heard (heh), The Listening Room Series is touring through the Schlafly Tap Room tonight August 1st @ 8 pm.  As part of the Third Coast Int’l Audio Festival in Chicago, this Listening Room Series event sponsored by KWMU gives us the opportunity to hear some of the best audio documentary work and talk about it.  You might have already heard some of the festival, since KWMU airs the festival finalists around thanksgiving time.  And if you’ve enjoyed listening to Radio Lab last Sunday, you’ll get to hear some more, as the Listening Room will highlight that series tonight.

In celebration of this unique audio event, we thought we might take the opportunity to share some of our favorite podcasts, local or otherwise.  Of course we recommend the Radio Lab podcast and pretty much every podcast from KWMU, since it has become the area’s last/only locally owned newsroom.  Local media is also well represented in the Gateway Media Literacy Partner’s podcasts, which will help you get back up to speed following their conference we wrote about earlier this summer. 

If you’re having a little writers block, why not give a listen to the book readings on The Writer’s Almanac or at least the ever popular This American Life podcast for a little audio inspiration.  But if a break from writing altogether is needed, we might suggest jamming to the Trouble in River City podcast, which was updated relatively recently.  And don’t forget that video podcasting is alive and well over on during dirty week (this last week).


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