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August 6, 2007 at 5:38 pm | Posted in Matthew Hurst, summer | 2 Comments

Just as with the tornado sirens that woke us up this morning, with a Excessive Heat Warning in effect forecast the rest of the week in the St. Louis area, we’re proud to take advantage of your natural inclination to stay indoors this week.  As a matter of a fact, I might be considered somewhat of a savant at spending time indoors over summer.  But if you must head outside this week (like me), here’s our own take on a few less practical tips for staying cool this summer.

  • Since it’s important to stay hydrated in the summer heat, we recommend you take advantage of the heat and brew Sun Tea.  Unlike Iced Tea (which owes its popular origin to Saint Louis), Sun Tea feeds off the summer heat despite being served ice cold.  It’s natural mellowing agents, like ketchup, should help you from panicking as the rise in temperature stresses your being.
  • Eat more ice cream.
  • Supposedly this heat wave will act as a blanket for heat and pollution, so please cut down on energy consumption.  Keep in mind that Air Conditioning outputs additional heat energy into the air, and so try running it at a higher temperature to cut back on energy bills.  With a fan or two to help circulate the cool air, you shouldn’t notice the difference in heat relief.
  • Break out your Nintendo or Sega, and invite your friends to stay inside.  Just because the Cardinals game is moved early or called off, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a baseball game.  Not to mention the carbon emissions you’ll save on your commute.   (PS – That’s an turning off your computer while you’re not using it, since they will artificially heat up the room.  Ask your friend with the network server – computers can be used in lieu of heaters in the winter, much less now.
  • eep reading your local news websites/blogs for information on why it’s hot and when it’s safe to go back out ;)

Otherwise, if you need to cool out, here’s a list of shelters (via KWMU).



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