Links with Your Martini Monday – 8/6

August 6, 2007 at 8:33 pm | Posted in blogs, Coffee links, employment, Matthew Hurst | 1 Comment

Better late than never, althoguh a little shorter, here’s our weekly short digest of the local interwebnet shakedown in convenient hyperlinked format.

  • We were shocked when our friend joined, but more so that it still existed.  Not to be out-posted, these genre based sites might also peek your keen curiosity: and  We’re pretty sure there ought to be a Ska site as well, at least in preparation for the Reel Big Fish/Less Than Jake show coming up.
  • Speaking of social music and upcoming events, there is a little meetup planned this Friday for members of the Circuit/friends of the newly redesigned, and suspiciously similar :P  We mention this because we’re still disappointed we couldn’t make the Pandora meetup.
  • Although we heard about this audition in person, seems to have the lowdown on theater and film work.  And despite it’s bad rep for bulk updates (see also: this site), it’s probably the best resource in town short of a positive Dennis Brown review…
  • I missed my update because I was out of town, but I also missed Lollapalooza while I was in the same town.  Fortunately, wants to redeem itself with Play:stl , a music festival of its own.  And if they can pull off three days, they might actually gain their credibility back :P .

Chances are we read your article last week, but if it didn’t get mentioned here why not leave a comment?  That should help us save a seat for you at the table next Sunday – btw do you take your coffee with links?


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