They Took Your Style, Now They Want Your Soul

August 6, 2007 at 5:17 pm | Posted in Editorial, Gabe Bullard, shopping | 3 Comments

Remember that sack of shirts you bought for a dollar at your neighbor’s yard sale? Well, by Urban Outfitters’ calculations, you underpaid by hundreds.

Now the company that made looking cheap expensive is doing the same thing they do with faded jeans to visual art.


That’s right. Urban Outfitters is selling Lomo cameras (better quality ones are available for less on ebay).

But not only can you buy one of these funky, cheap and cool cameras, you can take a bunch of photos of yourself being a hipster and use it to win another one.

I think Lomo photography and vintage clothes are really cool. If you want to get into either, try Goodwill and yard sales. Unless you’d rather be faux-Lomo and pseudo-retro.



  1. I regret not buying that Diana I saw in a low-end antique store for a couple bucks. I’ve picked up many a cheap (good) camera at thrifts, but I still had to check out Urban Outfitters a few weeks back after someone told me they were now selling Holgas. I didn’t know they sold Lomos, too. I didn’t see either here.

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  3. Retro clothing is the bomb! My favorite place to find it is Goodwill or any thrift store. Ebay is also a great place to find what you are looking for.

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