It’s STILL Hot!

August 8, 2007 at 1:47 pm | Posted in Matthew Hurst, stl, summer | 6 Comments
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We know that it’s not the heat (it’s the humidity), but there are certain limits to these things.  Then our favorite forecasters extended the excessive-heat warning for the St. Louis area.  Even the evening brings no relief to the day’s harsh rays – I measured nearly 90 degrees Fahrenheit at 1am this morning.

By now you’ve probably run through any of the heat beating activities we suggested earlier, so we thought we’d suggest a couple more activities to keep you cool in every sense of the terms.  As for another post related to the weather, we’re pretty sure even Ben Abell couldn’t rule it out.

  • We know Ted Drew’s has bills to pay, but dairy products can make you sick in the heat.  And although the downtown sno-cone stand is only open on Tuesdays, Sauce Magazine has the hookup on all the hydrating shaved-ice products for the lactose-itinerant this summer.
  • If you must spend time outside, make sure it’s reveling in the abundant, tasty resource that gives this city life whilst making our hot air unbearable – water.  Public pools are packed, but we hear they’re staying open a little later to help you cool off.  And don’t feel guilty taking advantage of your friend with pool access – they acquired access to become popular on days like these.
  • Speaking of which, don’t forget to bring a couple bottles of water with you to stay hydrated. We don’t care where the water comes from, but you too can be popular by giving out free water to the young, the old, and the homeless. Especially the homeless.
  • We’re quite keen on seeing films on days like these – they’re cheap, in the dark, and usually Air Conditioned.  Among all the gimmicks to get us into movie theaters, Air Conditioning is one of the oldest and most-successful.
  • Experiment by making your own frozen popsicles.  They’re just as tasty and fun to make as you remember! 

OR to beat this summer’s heat, why not just spend time inside…reading your favorite blog ;)



  1. I was melting, earlier, but already feel much more refreshed by reading this.

    Do you remember last summer, Dave Murray called our weather “Hardcore Heat”? So hip.

  2. suddenly my inner film student yearns to go shoot a clip outside today, edit it, and see how hits i can rack up on youtube with a title like “hardcore heat”?

  3. My estimate would be a “gazillion.”

  4. My sisters and I have pool passes, so Amen to that!

    it was really that hot at 1am?

    I just finished That Darn Cat. . .cool, but perhaps in a different way. our house is air-conditioned.
    anyway. . .

  5. […] more hardcore heat to look forward to in the coming week. Highway 61 has more than a few tips for keeping your cool, but if you are ready to rock check out The 75’s, Bunnygrunt, and Patience Please at […]

  6. […] Labor Day weekend, doesn’t mean you need to come up short this week.  For those inclined to stay indoors due to inclement weather (or just us film geeks), the Webster Film Series and KDHX have teamed up […]

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