Straw Poll

August 8, 2007 at 3:27 am | Posted in Editorial, Matthew Hurst, meta | 2 Comments

the alignment of this image in the page is more indicative of certain members political leanings than the rest of this post is bound to indicate
We’re throwing away our vote, and leaving it up to you to find the political commentary you need online.  Consider this our friendly reminder that Highway 61 will remain (relatively) apolitical in our coverage in things that don’t suck.  Sometimes things that are happening might have cultural impact, but we suspect that if you’re interested in these subjects you know where to read about them online and off.  We already do, so this will remain our pledge not to throw away your vote of support by steering clear of politics in our blog.



  1. Why, did someone want political articles?

  2. many blogs bear the stigma of politicization, much less local blogs. that being said, this is meant as a full-disclosure post because i am considering persuing a career in political science. I do not consider that to be a conflict of interest

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