Twin-cinmea/Double-feature premiers

August 8, 2007 at 11:24 am | Posted in Matthew Hurst, Movies | 1 Comment

Just because you’re still waiting to watch your illegal/pirate copy of the Simpsons movie, doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t pay for a film.  For instance, this Wednesday Saint Louis will play host to at least two film premiers, both of which are unlikely to become torrent files any time soon.  Instead, why not support the filmmakers behind two original films today; although you’ll need to pick one since they play around the same time.  Here’s a little more information to help you make your decision:

  • American Gothic @ 7:30 PM in the Plaza Frontenac Cinema

    We learned about this premier by invitation via Facebook, and while remaining tickets are scarce, I know at least one ticket will be left open. Just tell them you have permission from Matt Hurst. Their Facebook group describes the film as follows – 

    Sex, Drugs, and the American Dream…Be The Shoe Productions will be premiering our newest movie, American Gothic, in a private screening at Plaza Frontenac Cinema.

    If you have not yet paid, just pay at the event.

    For more info visit

  • Daddy Day Camp @ your local theater listing

    We read about this film in the Saint Louis American, which usually means Antonio wrote about it first.

And later this weekend, be sure to check out the road trip film 10 MPH @ the Tivoli.  But we’ll talk a little more about that film and others on Friday (as usual).


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