Song of the Week: Dream B-Side Edition

August 9, 2007 at 10:21 am | Posted in Gabe Bullard, Song of the Week | 1 Comment

With the Rentals coming to Sauget in a week, I figure it’s time to look back with the SOTW.

The Rentals are a power pop band fronted by ex-Weezer bassist Matt Sharp. In my opinion, Matt Sharp made Weezer good. The combination of him and Rivers made for two excellent albums (S/T or “Blue” and Pinkerton).

While the Rentals are good, they’re no prime-era Weezer. In fact, the first Rentals album came out in the middle of Weezer’s prime era and it was basically a less-frustrated, synthier version of Weezer’s first album.

But this isn’t about the Rentals, this is about Weezer, and where they went wrong.

This weeks SOTW is Weezer’s “Your Room.”

Rivers Cuomo is, as he says, a metalhead. But Weezer’s attempts at metal are always lame. Rivers may love metal, but he’s not meant to play it. When the band started recording demos for Pinkerton’s followup – what would become the Green Album – they regularly posted samples of the songs online.

Some were good and some were bad, and many were metal-influenced. Your Room is one of those, but it succeeds were all of the other metal infusions failed: It kept Rivers soft side (does he have another side?) confined to the non-metal chorus, creating an almost endearing track that proved to be one of Weezer’s last good (albeit unfinished) songs.



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  1. thanks for fixing the link. thanks for reminding me why i’m not such a metal head

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