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While we may have written about this film festival a little earlier, we can’t emphasize enough how large the Filmgate Int’l Student Film Festival looms on our film-geek calendar.  Featuring films from around the world and in our own backyard, this 2nd annual film festival shows the best in student film work available, probably for the first and last time you’ll ever be able to see the films.  Our friends from the Webster Film & Video Society will be on hand to organize this start of the fall season in the Webster Film Series.

It all goes down this Friday-Sunday, August 17-19, with each 2+hour film programs starting at 8pm (except Sunday, which starts at 2pm).  Each film will be screened in the Winifred Moore Auditorium at Webster University, with tickets selling for only $4 (and cheaper rates for multi-day passes).  You can start exploring the films program schedule on the festival’s website, to help sort out which films you’re interested in seeing.  And after you view the films, you’ll be able to rate and review the films you watched and share them with your friends.

I am keenly aware that more than a couple readers might hear “student film” and run away.  But to be sure there would be films people actually want to see, I participated in a selection panel for the narrative film category (although there will be documentary and animation/experimental films as well).  Here’s a few mostly incoherent notes I managed to write about these films selected, for you to use/decipher (after the bump):

  • Tiffin – “A Malaysian film is named after a local dish, using that as a central organizing element to explore the cross generational mutation of a family. Featuring subtitles and some English dialog, and great use of foreshadow”
  • a target=”_blank” href=”″ mce_href=”″>Deacon’s Mondays – “This California tale (international I know) shows how one wrong decision can escalate into a snowball making a good person become a paranoid mess.  If you don’t see this “it is your fault”. Also it’s a comedy”
  • Forasteiro (aka “Outsider”)“This film is about a boy whose parents are in the circus. He has fear of intimacy and remains really shy. Great visual cues about his outsider status, and some rich well composed shots. Their young romance is super cute.”
  • Poor Bro, Rich Bro“This Hong Kong film has some obvious anime aesthetics. Using a universalistic experience of being poor and school aged, this sweet little story using subtly to elicit empathy”
  • Smooch“This juxtaposing puppy love and stealing kisses play out like a story from mortified.”
  • And of course you needn’t take our word for these films – see for yourself this weekend.



  1. I ran across your blog entry while searching for international student film resources. There is an online film contest that just started for international students that has a grand prize of $2500. The details are all at

    We had a lot of fun doing the contest last year and we look forward to an even better turnout this year!

    Emil Gallant

  2. I got a facebook invitation to the festival. . .but I don’t think I’m going.
    It would be cool to see all the international entries.

  3. […] to class and some moved in this weekend.  Others of us are looking for jobs, while some of us made student films.  But just because summer is drawing to a close doesn’t mean we won’t be your loyal […]

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