Meet the Rutles

August 14, 2007 at 1:44 am | Posted in Matthew Hurst, Video, Webster Film Series | Comments Off on Meet the Rutles

the rutles, playing as part of strange brew in the schlafly bottleworks in maplewood, moProbably one of the greatest inside jokes between music and film fans ever is “The Rutles“, a 1978 mockumentary film about the biggest band from Liverpool.  It’s played in the Webster Film Series’ as part of Strange Brew, and now it’s available online (sort of).   We mention this because we hear a DVD copy is nearly an impossible find.

And sure this film has it’s fans and detractors, but those unfamiliar with the film at all might enjoy this review of the film’s last local screening (mentioned above).  Of course that review fails to mention the collaborative efforts of Eric Idle, the original SNL cast, and more than a couple musicians, all exhibited prominently through links within this video’s timeline.  Seriously, it’s worth a look, or else “get up and go, back home”


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