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August 19, 2007 at 9:50 am | Posted in meta | 7 Comments

Hey there, kiddos! Back to school blues got you down? No worries. Come celebrate the end of summer at the Highway 61 Revised Season One Wrap Party.

It’s been a whole season of posts for us and we’re celebrating with pizza at the Imo’s on Spring and Delor. Here’s a map.

The celebration starts this Friday, August 24th at 7:30 and goes until question mark. There will be fiery discussion and possibly free pizza.

Matthew and I will be there, along with a few frequent comment posters.

All are welcome to come.



  1. i know i’m on board, and if i even had plans before i’m dropping them for this. is that the imo’s with the pick-up drive-thru window. i think i’ve walked there before for just such purposes

  2. pfft! I’m in CoMo already, and on to new journalistic interests/obligations

    and envying that meet up, have a good time!

  3. […] longer would I have been in town last weekend, but the link love continues this Friday during our  If you’ve read this far, I’ll buy you a free coffee if you mention this clumsy turn […]

  4. we’ll be missing you dear. and everyone else should know – i swear we won’t be handing voting forms for RFT’s “best of…” ballots ;)

  5. […] between events Saturday or on Sunday afternoon (August 25-26), since you’ve probably already made plans for Friday night ;)  And don’t forget to check back Friday for more information on film screenings around […]

  6. […] for.  For instance, if I wanted to announce an event, let’s say a Blog Party, I could publish an article, list an event others can add to their calendar, and let people invite their friends within my […]

  7. possibly free pizza? in that case i’m definitely not going
    no but really. . .i have to work

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