Links with Your Martini Monday – 8/20

August 20, 2007 at 4:31 pm | Posted in blogs, Coffee links, Matthew Hurst, summer | Comments Off on Links with Your Martini Monday – 8/20

Yes, we know it’s back to school season (*cough*mixtape*cough*) because some of our contributors went to class and some moved in this weekend.  Others of us are looking for jobs, while some of us made student films.  But just because summer is drawing to a close doesn’t mean we won’t be your loyal bloggers, since this started with a classLinks with your Coffee Sunday will resume, sometime shortly after we help film The Lot this Saturday (see you there).

The link love could’ve gone on longer would I have been in town last weekend, but the link love continues this Friday during our  If you’ve read this far, I’ll buy you a free coffee if you mention this clumsy turn of phrase: “freshen your coffee with some links”.  Until then (see previously).


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