Upcoming and Ongoing (in STL)

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Full disclosure: I used one of those kids mumbling that “there’s nothing to do in this town”.  I am proud I can now be counted among the cheerleaders of this city and give dirty looks to its detractors.  In the short span of time I’ve been writing this blog, I have collected a list of things to do long enough that I cannot attend so much as half of the events I recommend, much less write about them.  As a result I have collected a backlog of Upcoming events in the calendar, which I am now compelled to list in a digest format to make sure you know about them too.  Each of them still warrant a post of their own, but this will have to suffice.  So if you find the time to make it out this weekend, here’s some cool shit to do:

And did we mention our party this Friday evening, August 24th?  Oh yeah, we posted about that already.  Well since “nothing is going on around here these days”, we’re sure you’ll drop by.  Or at least for the after-party.


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