Film-Geek Fridays: film student edition

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Every week I’ve been collecting a short list of original films and screenings taking place around the Saint Louis area, so that film geeks like myself have a quick reference including directions and descriptions.  I’ve even written them on vacation.  Writing and hyperlinking a Film Geek Fridays post can take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours any given week.  But people read it, which means I’m helping.  Except the posts are usually read after the weekend they cover.  This is probably because fewer people surf on weekends, preferring to get out (which is what I’m trying to encourage).

So last week I decided to take a break.  And while I’m hopeful I’ll help someone find something they’d like to watch this weekend, I don’t think this feature will return.  If anything this feature may re-surface as a mid-week feature, so that people might actually make plans involving film.  Your feedback can/will help determine what that looks like, so if you regularly read this feature Please leave a comment.

One more Film-Geek Friday after the Bump.

Webster Film Series presents Syndromes and a Century (sang sattawat) August 24-26th @ 8pm in the Winifred Moore AuditoriumI wrote about this film a little earlier this week, but here’s how the WFS describes this Thai drama.

City Museum Film Contest premiers it’s winning short film contest entries for young (under 18) filmmakers this Friday August 24th.  As written about earlier, pay close attention to their myspace which will exhibit the winning short as their official video.

Frontyard Features (40 Films/40 nights) is screening Phantom of the Opera in Lafyaette Square Park on Friday August 24th, and Best in Show in Maryland Plaza on Saturday August 25th.  Both films, which screen at dusk, are academy award nominees.  Bow wow wow!

Reel Late @ the Tivoli is screening Troll 2 Friday-Saturday August 24-25th @ midnight and Sunday at 10pm.  Consistently listed among the worst films ever, see if you can add this classic B-horror film to your list this weekend.

Cinemania @ Grand Center is screening Young Frankenstein this Saturday August 25th at 9pm.  Show up early for music and costume contests, and stay for the madness.

Exhibition Screening: The Holocaust Museum and Learning Center presents Gloomy Sunday on Sunday August 26th at 2pm.  A Post-Dispatch review says it’s “a love triangle in a Hungarian Jewish restaurant in the days before WWII”, German+Hungarian…with Subtitles!

Let’s do lunch.  But don’t call me, I’ll call you.



  1. By all means, keep it up. Just do it on Wednesday or something. That would benefit all. Also, I need to tell my brother about your blog. I can’t believe I haven’t yet.

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  3. thanks for the help patrick. wednesday sounds like an ideal day to update.

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